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Normal Weight Gain Pregnancy Tips, Tricks, Diet & Nutrition

Millions of women get pregnant each year with no idea of how much baby weight is healthy. Unlike normal weight gain, these pregnancy pounds come on rather quickly and it can be hard losing weight after childbirth. Only by understanding and monitoring your baby's development, coupled with pregnancy safe exercise and a good diet, can you look and feel amazing both before and after delivery.

Pregnancy Without Pounds

Pregnancy weight gain by week is something you should be closely monitoring. The old adage 'eating for two' may be cute and fun, but don't take this as a license to consume anything you want for the next seven or eight months. Pick a day of the week and weigh yourself on that day - writing this down gives you accountability and also allows you to look for unhealthy trends. Your doctor will give you general guidelines as to what you should be weighing each month or trimester, but keep in mind that every woman's body type, size, and metabolism are all different. No one knows your body as well as you do, and you should take advantage of that fact.

As the development of your baby progresses, you should be looking for the absolute best pregnancy diet possible. Again, no one diet will work for all women. Everyone's body is different, so you'll need to identify your own strengths and weaknesses when considering what you should be eating. But some of the best pregnant foods are considered to be the following:


High in protein, beans and lentils are great for giving you your daily allowance of fiber, which will help regulate your digestive system. They also contain iron, and are a source of another important aspect of pregnancy nutrition: folate. Raisins are also a great snack for getting your protein and fiber.

Orange Juice

Here you're getting folic acid, which is probably the single most important element of early baby tissue development. You'll also get potassium, calcium (especially fortified calcium orange juice), and a nice dose of Vitamin-C to help keep you healthy while carrying your child.


Getting enough calcium during pregnancy is vital, and if you're lactose intolerant this may be a good alternative to milk. The cultures in yogurt will also help guard you against common occurrences of yeast infection during pregnancy. Soy milk is another alternative, giving you both calcium and vitamin D.

Whole Grain Cereals

A great source of Vitamin B6, this can help you stave off morning sickness while giving you healthy carbohydrates. Your body can convert these into good fats and energy, and it's also essential in the formation of red blood cells.

Pregnancy Without the Pounds is a great online resource for moms who want to stay fit, trim, and healthy during pregnancy. It lists all the additional pregnancy foods, nutritional guidelines, and pregnancy weight gain by week and month information that you'll need to stay on target with your body. Exercises while pregnant are covered in full, listing normal weight gain pregnancy statistics and the best exercises that accelerate weight loss after childbirth. Whether you're pregnant now and trying to stay fit or have already given birth and want to bounce back into pre-baby shape, Pregnancy Without Pounds will help you accomplish your goals.

Foods to avoid while pregnant include most things raw, including meats, fish, eggs, and deli meats. Smoked salmon, oysters, and other non-cooked foods should be avoided also. This is because risk of bacteria and salmonella is high in these uncooked products; although these occur naturally in many foods the normal process of cooking them will kill these organisms and render them safe for eating. Most of these bacteria are not usually harmful to an adult diet (at least in moderation) but to an unborn fetus they can pose serious health risks. Soft cheeses and unpasteurized milk may also contain listeria, which has traditionally been linked with miscarriage.

But no matter what you eat, tempering your diet with pregnancy safe exercise will help keep your body lean, fit, and in great cardiovascular shape. This will be important to you after childbirth, but many women don't realize how great a help it can be during the delivery process as well. When your body is in shape everything else tends to go smoothly - keeping a good equilibrium and sense of balance in your fitness routine can help avoid pregnancy weight in excess of what your body needs. Below are just some of the best exercises you can do while carrying your child:

Yoga & Pilates

These stretching and breathing exercises can help you immensely during childbirth, as well as helping you relax up to and even after delivery of your baby. There will be certain exercise positions you'll need to avoid while doing Yoga and Pilates, so consult with an instructor before performing them.


Hands down, swimming can be one of the best ways to exercise your whole body while pregnant. This type of non-impact workout is totally safe for baby, and you can vary the level of exercise intensity at any time. There are water aerobics classes you can join that will help you stay fit during pregnancy, and chances are you'll love them so much you'll continue these classes even after baby is born.


Safe and easy, walking is a great way to work off unwanted excess pregnancy weight. Grab a partner and take a nice walk after mealtime... not only will you feel better when finished but you'll also get outside and into the fresh air. Some pregnant women find themselves going stir crazy in their own homes, so this solution kills two birds with one stone. Be careful not to overextend yourself though, and be sure to warm up with some stretches before you begin.


Most runners who become pregnant have significant worries that they'll have to stop jogging or running in order to carry their child. Not true. It's been proven that running while pregnant is both safe and healthy, as long as you don't overdo it. Never run yourself to the point of exhaustion, and keep mindful of changes in how you feel. Toward the end of your pregnancy, it might be better to switch to walking... but even then, you're still getting out there.

For other great exercise options and information on staying fit while pregnant, check out Pregnancy Without Pounds. Inside you'll unlock the secrets to normal weight gain, pregnancy safe exercise, pregnancy weight gain by week expectations, and weight loss after childbirth. Starting as early as possible within your maternity cycle will help maintain good fitness, but even if you're late into pregnancy or post-childbirth you'll find tips, tricks, and secrets that teach you how to melt those excess pounds away.