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Choosing Your First Diaper Bag

Congratulations mom! You've labored long and hard to bring that wonderful little baby into the world, and you're getting ready to show him or her off to everyone you know. Over the course of your child's infancy you'll likely be changing over 7,000 diapers! Not all of them will be at home, and that's where your first diaper bag comes in. By reading the tips below, we'll make sure you get everything you need...

Choosing your first diaper bag can be a daunting task, especially when you don't know anything. Admitting you don't know anything is the first step! Once that's done, it's a good idea to make a list of all the diaper changing needs that will be important to you. Aside from diapers you'll need formula, bibs, feeding accessories, clothing, (more clothing!), toys, pacifiers, and a dozen other things you haven't even thought of yet. And to think you looked at other moms grunting and groaning and always wondered why those diaper bags looked so heavy.

Your first diaper bag should be something that's fully functional for what you need it to do; i.e. for the trips you intend to take. At the same time, it should also be something you'd enjoy wearing as you would a handbag. Diaper bags come in everything from simple canvas totes to chic, trendy messenger style bags for urban moms all the way up to designer Italian leather diaper bags by artisans like Mia Bossi and Pyknyk. Don't go overboard your first time, as you're still going to want to experiment with what's comfortable for you. But do try to pick a bag that suits your tastes, your look, and even your personality. Great online boutique stores like Designer Baby Diaper Bags are the perfect place to browse around, as they offer hundreds of different diaper bag colors and styles - and with free shipping to boot!

As far as baby bag types go, the list below gives you a short description of what to expect when choosing your first diaper bag. Each has its own place and function in the world of a diaper changing mom:

* DIAPER TOTE - The tote style diaper bag is a popular oversized option for moms who need to carry a ton of baby accessories. They're great for long trips and overnight visits where a bringing everything along is required.

* SHOULDER DIAPER BAG - A cousin of the tote, these bags are generally smaller. The straps are made to be worn over the shoulder like a handbag and are usually adjustable. Shoulder bags can be some of the most trendy and stylish diaper bags out there.

* HOBO / DIAPER SACK - Another oversized baby changing bag, the hobo sack usually comes in a very informal yet extremely functional design. Large straps on either side pull the bag into a sack-like position, and many hobos come with metal feet on the bottom in order to protect the bag when mom needs to rest it on the ground.

* MESSENGER DIAPER BAG - A spinoff of the traditional messenger bag used in cities around the world, the diaper messenger rests on your chest, held in place by straps that go across your back. The advantage here is that mom can retrieve items from the bag without having to take it off.

* DIAPER BACKPACK - A perfect solution to keeping both hands free. Diaper backpacks are available that operate the same as any other backpack, except that they contain all the necessary mesh pockets, bottle holders, and zippered and velcro enclosures that a fully-functional diaper bag would need.

* DADDY DIAPER BAG - Recent advances in woman's rights have led to men actually changing diapers! To facilitate men wanting to carry a 'bag' around with them, these diaper bags are sold in masculine styles and colors. Most are backpacks or messenger bags, and many have camouflage patterns or even have skulls (yes, skulls) on them.

* DIAPER CLUTCH - The diaper clutch is nothing more than a wallet-sized diaper bag meant to hold the most necessary changing essentials (maybe two or three diapers, some ointment, wipes, etc...) The clutch is perfect for short trips when you plan to be home soon.

In the end, choosing your first diaper bag should be something you have fun with. Be sure to shop around and look for a bag that's right for you. Explore the features and dimensions of each, and see if it fits in with how you plan on traveling with your baby. Perhaps most of all, try to find the right blend of function and style.

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