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Crib Bedding Stores - Luxury Options for your Nursery

Online baby boutiques have been springing up everywhere... so where should you buy? The following buyer's guide can be used to determine whether or not the boutique you've selected will offer everything you'll need in a crib bedding store. Hold your choices up against the following list, and see how they fare before making your purchase:

Return Policy - Yes that online boutique is cute, but do they offer a good return policy? If so, what exactly can you expect from it? The better and more reputable baby boutiques will certainly offer a full refund on their merchandise, within a reasonable time frame. Sometimes a decor simply doesn't match right, and you'll want to know you'll have a no-hassle return in the case your bedding arrives and you're simply not satisfied with it. Check to make sure there are no hidden terms or conditions. A good boutique should have no trouble accepting back their own merchandise.

Free Shipping - This isn't a rarity these days, it's nearly a given. A good baby boutique will offer free shipping on most items, especially on a purchase as large as a crib bedding set. Getting free shipping gives to one less hassle, and one less place to be hit with hidden charges.

High-End Bedding - Only the very best baby boutiques are selected to offer name brand luxury crib bedding. More popular ones would include Serena & Lily, Caden Lane, and Glenna Jean to name a few. Check to see what they're carrying.

Swatches - As online shopping becomes more popular, people are increasingly buying items without being able to see or touch them. When in doubt about a color or fabric, ask your boutique if they can send you sample swatches of the material. A good baby boutique will provide such swatches, especially on their higher-end bedding. Seeing and feeling the product in advance gives you a lot more feel for what your baby's nursery will turn out like, not to mention you can use that swatch to match a paint color as well.

Selection - The bedding boutique you purchase from should carry a large selection of patterns and colors from which to choose. A boutique with more options will allow for more flexibililty when trying to match the rest of your baby's room. The bedding might also come in several patterns and colors, making it easier to exchange sets if you change your mind.

Bedding Accessories - Before buying any bedding set, make sure the boutique offers all of the accessories for that particular line. A usual 4-piece bedding set includes a crib quilt, bumper, sheet, and crib skirt. A bedding line will often include extra accent pillows, shams, and throw pillows. Some even have matching valances, window treatments, and lamps. You may not want these initially, but once your bedding arrives it's nice to know you can go back and get the matching accessories if you want them. Deal with a baby boutique carrying a full line of product, and not just certain individual items.

Finding the perfect bedding is only half the battle. By doing a little homework, and by following the examples in the above guide, you'll be able to select the right baby boutique to go along with it. Happy shopping!

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