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Throwing a Frog Themed Birthday Party

Are you throwing a Frog Theme Birthday Party for your little boy? Themed parties are very popular these days, and they're often simple to pull off if you apply some creativity and do a little bit of homework beforehand. As we know all boys are made of frogs and snails, and puppy dog tails; such a theme will be right up your little tadpole's alley! Choosing great decorations and frog favors will make his party a smash hit with the rest of the boys in the neighborhood. Here are some fantastic ideas for frog theme birthday parties:

Blue and Green - These are the primary colors to go with when planning your frog themed birthday party. Decorations and streamers should reflect the blue waters of a frog pond, as well as the green of the frog and surrounding lily pads. Search for frog theme birthday banners, which can be personalized with your child's name. Checking the internet for frog images will turn up infinite results - and don't just limit yourself to the green ones. Many exotic and African tree frogs come in bright reds and yellows and even blues! In this age most moms have several color printing options available to them, either at home or by uploading the images to online photo sites for processing. Print a few glossy 8x10's of these frog images to hang around the party room, and watch their little eyes go wide over all the different colors and varieties.

Frog Party Invitations - Once again, the internet is an unlimited source of great frog images. Frog theme birthday party invitations can fliers, listing the party's date and time in the middle. Cover your invite with beautifully colored frogs, flies, and lilies. Send them out in pale green envelopes. Grab a quick roll of frog stickers from a stationary store or cheap online auction, and plaster them on the envelopes and fliers. If you check your local post office, you might even be ablet to find frog stamps!

Frog Themed Arts and Crafts - Here your choices are near limitless. A great idea would be to have each party goer create his or her own frog mask. Use heavy green construction paper or purchase plastic visors from a dollar or craft store. Buy a pack of those big plastic googly eyes, and pre-cut some round pieces of foam to go behind them. Create some black paper 'spots' and then have each child create their own red frog tongue. A couple of glue sticks and lots of fun later, everyone has a simple, easy-to-make frog mask... and you have no mess and little cleanup! Your possibilities are endless, but always try to keep it simple. You're going to be running a party full of little frogs, and you want things to flow smoothly.

Frog Themed Birthday Games - You can put a frog-themed spin on just about every birthday game there is! What about pin the tongue on the frog? Using a poster board and some paint, design a large frog with an open mouth. Cut some red or pink construction paper tongue shapes and place each child's name on them. Then play the game exactly like pin the tail on the donkey, blindfold and all - with the winner being the child who places the frog's tongue closest to the center of its mouth. Another great idea is Leapfrog Musical Lily Pads. Make some lily pads out of old green mats or sheets of foam. Play music and have the children frog-hop around their pond in circles... when the music stops, everyone quickly finds a pad to sit on or they get eliminated - exactly like musical chairs. Then there's a Frog Bean Bag Toss game. Have kids toss green frog-marked bean bags onto pre-cut lily pads, each created with different amounts of point on it. Make small pads worth higher points, and the child with the largest total becomes the winner. With a little bit of creativity, you even can create your own game. Frog Bingo (using 'flies' instead of chips!)... Leap Frog Relay Race...Frog-Frog-Tadpole instead of duck-duck-goose... make up whatever you like!

Frog Themed Birthday Cake - Just about any bakery should have no trouble making your child a fantastic frog cake. However, if you'd like to make your own cake, there are frog-shaped cake pans available all over the internet. Use green and white icing, and decorate it any way you like. Find some low-cost platic frog figurines from a craft or dollar store, and use them to decorate it. For an even more unique idea, find a bakery that will provide individual 'frog cakes' - one for each child. Frog cakes are a fondant dessert in the shape of a frog's head, a yellow sponge base topped in cream and then dipped in green chocolate. A 'mouth' is then cut into the top of each cake and a pair of 'eyes' are added using black sprinkles or toppings. Very adorable! If you choose this option, be sure to get a small cake for the birthday boy so everyone can still sing happy birthday.

Frog Birthday Party Bags - Once again, the stationary store is your best friend. Any amount of low-cost frog theme favors and toys can be found at the nearest craft store. Find plain white lunch bags and have your child color them green before the party, writing each party-goer's name on the bags as well. You'll get unique favor bags AND your child something fun to do for his own party too! Pick up some stretchy frogs, plastic frog and fly figurines, green bouncy balls - then fill the bags with some themed candy, like green/brown M&M's and gummy insects. You can even bake frog cookies beforehand, if you're feeling very ambitious.

With only a tiny amount of work, your child's frog themed birthday party can be something he'll remember for a long time to come! Afterward, it's almost guaranteed that the little boys and girls will rush home to their parents with their own themed parties in mind... so be ready to offer advice and answer questions!

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