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Top 8 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Nursery Throw Rug

In designing your child's room or nursery, the throw or area rug is the one piece of decor that brings the entire room together. Bringing color and attention to the walls is an easy job; there are endless options and combinations for shelves, frames, wall stickers and appliques, nursery wall letters - the list is endless. But when it comes to the lonely floor, it has only one option - the throw rug - and yet these days even that single option can offer near unlimited possibilities.

When selecting a child's area rug, the following list of attributes should be taken into consideration. You shouldn't just choose the first cute rug you see. The choices are many, and it's very easy to find something later on that you wish you'd bought instead. The benefits of a little homework before you shop may end up saving you a lot of money in the long run, and will also keep you on track to designing that perfect dream room you want for your baby.

1) Color. This of course this is the first and most obvious consideration. Whether you choose standard pinks and blues for girls and boys, or even a pale green, try to choose a color that best matches your child's wall paint. Or even better, choose the rug first and then buy the paint. You'll be very glad you did, because having wall color that clashes with the flooring color is something that cannot later be fixed without radical changes.

2) Patterns. Decide as early as possible whether your child's room or nursery is going to incorporate any type of pattern. Rugs can come in striped, checked, paisley, crosshatched, polka-dot, and just about any other pattern you can imagine. Try to coordinate any kids wall art or special frames with the pattern of the rug you want. Do not go overboard. When adding patterns too haphazardly, your child's room can quickly get cluttered with pieces of decor that clash against one another. The area rug will be central, and it should bind everything else together. Try to keep it simple.

3) Themed rugs. The most cute and unique children's rugs will coordinate alongside the lines of popular kids theme decor. Boys rooms can sport cowboys, sports heroes, astronauts, sea captains, airplanes - the list goes on and on. Girls themed rugs include teddy bears, butterflies, ladybugs, ballerinas, bunnies, and of course the always popular princess themed rugs. A well-placed kids throw rug decorated with one of these themes can set the stage for the rest of the child's room or nursery.

4) Floral and lace. Soft and feminine patterns of flowers and lace can offset pinks and lavenders without the disruption of a more definitive pattern. Lattice rugs and scrolled border throw rugs can be found to match any little girl's bedding, or even baby bedding if the rug is to be used in your nursery. If you're looking for softness and comfort, this is certainly the way to go.

5) Playroom rugs. Great for a baby nursery or smaller child's room, these rugs come with interactive designs that were meant to play on. Checkerboard and other game patterns like tic-tac-toe and hopscotch can be found as play room rugs. Still more interesting are rugs designed to look like tiny colorful little towns, where your boy or girl will enjoy pushing toy cars or walking dolls along the rug's detailed streets. These area rugs are often bright and overpowering, so make sure you have strong pieces of matching kids room decor in order to pull this look off.

6) Shaped rugs. Many companies now make rugs in just about every possible shape or form. Frogs, butterflies, flowers, and even surfboard-shaped rugs for beach-themed or tropical rooms are available in every color of the rainbow. Irregularly shaped and scallop-edged rugs bring a unique quality to your child's room or nursery, and can often fit into places that normal rugs can't go. Many shaped kids rugs come with raised or sunken sections, adding tactile decoration as well as visual.

7) Chenille rugs. From the soft pastels of springtime to the solid blues and pinks of uniform color, chenilles are often a favorite rug type for kids rooms. They usually bring a rustic country warmth to a room, and they're offered in a wide variety of sizes - from small throws to large area rugs designed for dens and living rooms. Almost never out of style, these rugs wear very well and withstand the test of time.

8) Shag and pile. Depending upon the size of the rug you want, you may choose a children's rug with a deeper or shaggy pile. They add additional plush softness, but even better they can hide the dirt that comes with everyday wear and tear. These rugs will usually hold up longer than patterned or themed rugs, because the uniform quality makes it harder to spot accidents or blemishes. Many kids rugs in cotton or wool piles will come treated with StainGuard or Scotchmaster, making them spill-proof and even easier to clean when mishaps do happen.

No matter which rug you select for your child's room, make it the best choice for the both of you. Keep in mind that the floor is a very common place for your child to play, so you'll want something both decorative and functional. Examine all of your options, chose the direction you want your decor to go, and best of all all have fun! The Frog and the Princess children's boutique offers hundreds of nursery rug options and personalized gifts for baby and mom alike.

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