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Tired of the Same Old Baby Shower Gifts?

You've seen it happen time after time... you're sitting there at a baby shower while the mom-to-be opens gift after mind-numbingly repetitive gift. Everyone is yawning when they should be Oooing and Ahhing. So what do you do?

The good news these is that these days personalized baby gifts are abundant and wonderfully easy to obtain. Even more important, they provide that special touch of thoughtfulness that gets remembered more often than all those tired, more traditional toddler gifts. In fact, gear for babies these days has been amped up to entirely new levels with everything from baby bling to monogrammed Swarvoski crystal hairbrushes and rattles! And if you want to get ahead of the crowd, you've got to step up your own game too.

Competition at showers is always tough, but if you want to stand out you must put a little more thought into your gift than just grabbing something cute off the rack of your nearest baby outlet store. Luckily, in this day and age, it's not uncommon for the expectant mom to already know the sex of her child way before birth. I've even been to showers where the baby already has a name, and sometimes even an expected birth date! This type of information helps you, the shower attendee, in fantastic new ways undreamed of before.

With advanced knowledge like this now available, there's absolutely no excuse for the standard baby shower gift. Put down that stroller and car seat. Hundreds of beautiful (and more personal) options await you, from custom baby blankets and shirts to personalized nursery wall tiles and signature kids wall art. Children's wall decor these days can be customized by the artist for a child's name or even by your very own phrase or saying. And since by the time the shower arrives the mom-to-be has usually already decided upon her nursery color, you can tailor your own choices to suit that decor by doing a little advanced recon.

These types of baby gifts are something to always be remembered. When the shower is over, what will the buzz will be about? The person who brought the standard run-of-the-mill diaper cake? Or the one who showed up with the new baby's name spelled out in gorgeous handpainted wall letters dropped from ribbon that perfectly matches the new nursery decor?

And let's not forget gifts for mom, either. All manner of baby or mommy jewelry and child name bracelets can be obtained these days almost everywhere you look. If the name of the baby is pre-determined, or even the birth stone, why not take advantage? You'll be happy you did, and these type of small presents make great supplemental shower gifts that carry a nice, personal touch.

Remember - the next time you're out shopping for that upcoming baby shower, it's time to think outside the box. Because let's face it - in the end, your box is all you have. And it's going to be sitting alongside a whole lot of other boxes... so you've got to do your best to make it stand out!

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