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Pregnancy Acupressure

Relieve Labor Symptoms with Acupressure Pregnancy Techniques

During childbirth, a woman's body must undergo a series of changes that results in the birth of the baby. Many experience pain, stress, and tension that can actually work against the birthing process. Maternity acupressure techniques have been proven to shorten the delivery process by making it safer and easier. Acupressure during labor works by relaxing and relieving these symptoms, promoting circulation to the mother, oxygen flow to the baby, and helping regulate contractions that dilate the cervix.

Maternity Acupressure

Understanding how to do maternity acupressure to induce labor will produce all of these benefits, and best of all it can be done by anyone. Using pregnancy massage therapy before, during, and even after the delivery of your baby will help mom have the most painless, stress-free childbirth possible. You can also continue to enjoy these reflexology techniques - both you and your partner - to relieve stress, promote well being, and eliminate toxins from the body. In short, your acupressure pregnancy points can work wonders for both mom and dad in the months and years to follow.

Before you begin, understand that any type of pressure point reflexology requires very little pressure. Applying this pressure to the correct locations is the most critical aspect of the whole technique. Massage during pregnancy differs from maternity acupressure in that during the entire time the woman is pregnant, certain points are avoided. At the very end, that's when you'll use acupressure to induce labor. This will shorten the birthing process because the long and drawn out portion of childbirth can be done while still at home. By the time you reach your doctor's office or hospital, your partner will be well into having contractions. This is when you'll continue to use the massage during labor techniques to ease pain and shorten delivery. The locations of just some of these points, and what they control within the body, are listed below:


Using your finger, draw an imaginary curved line between the bony point at the base of the neck (the C7 vertebrae) and the bump at the top of your partner's shoulder joint. The reflexology point lies in the middle of this line, at the very highest point of the trapezoid shoulder muscle. Use this point during the first two stages of labor, to stimulate uterine contractions. After birth, it can also be stimulated to promote the production of milk, and is great for mothers who are breastfeeding.

Upper Buttocks

Halfway between the dimples of the gluteus (butt muscles) and the spine lies another point. By pressing firmly and with a downward motion (usually the woman must be lying down or against a firm object), a distinct sensation can result that will have an anesthetizing effect on pain associated with contractions. When used correctly, this type of pregnancy reflexology can greatly alleviate pent up muscles in this area due to such pain.

Buttock Point

Directly in line with the top of the buttocks crease, draw a line horizontally toward your partner's hip. About two-thirds the way down, you'll encounter an acupressure pregnancy point that can be used to help promote strength in contractions. This should be used during the transition phase, but can also be used a few days before the onset of labor to help dissipate pent up pelvic stress and promote a smoother delivery process.

Inside Palm

Have your partner close her fingers until they are touching the palm, without making a fist. The crease on the hand where the fingers touch is yet another point. Pressing this point inward toward the palm will have more anesthetizing effects, as this is proven to release natural endorphins into the woman's body. The result can help relieve labor symptoms by keeping the mind occupied with the body's own painkillers. Press lightly, as too much pressure can cause more pain then is actually being relieved!


When learning how to do maternity acupressure to induce labor, this is one of the most relaxing points you can touch. On the bottom of the foot, place your thumb into the depression found just under the ball of the top one-third of the foot. Press inward and upward in the direction of the big toe. This type of pregnancy massage therapy should have a calming effect, and can be used at any time to relieve stress and calm anxiety. You can keep using this technique deep into the delivery process, to help your partner relax.

Between Thumb and Forefinger

In the meaty web found between thumb and forefinger (pointy finger), apply downward pressure with the thumb (you can also apply counter pressure with the underside of your hand). This point is easily felt, and you can try it on your own hand to locate the exact position. Use this maternity acupressure point to help intensify contractions during labor. If timed correctly according to the contractions, it can be used to help move the baby downward through the birthing canal, preparing for delivery.

These are only a small few of the maternity acupressure techniques used to help speed up and aid in the delivery of your baby. Other massage during labor techniques can be utilized to trigger countless benefits that will help both mother and child. Pregnancy reflexology will not only help shorten the time mom spends in labor, but will also help make that time a lot more pleasant and more pain free.

Check out the rest of these safe and natural maternity acupressure techniques for full information on all the pressure point techniques you can acquire to help your partner sail through childbirth.